Getting Here is Half the Fun

You found me! Welcome.

As I work on the details of this new site, feel free to poke around. My blog is linked to the right, as is my book’s Facebook page.

I’ll continue to get you more information in the days ahead, i.e. I’ll make pages for some of the other links on this homepage. In the meantime, don’t take my missteps too seriously as figure it all out. (What a great way to look at life!) It’s been great and it’s been terrible. One minute I’m ready to pull my hair out because I’ve downloaded so many how-to videos that it’ll take all week to watch them all. When I give in and realize I’m a broken and struggling excuse for a being, I beg tech support for help. Thirty minutes later, I’m up and running–straight to the horizon! No more videos, no more codes I need another degree to understand, just me and a website and the Rocky theme playing somewhere off in the background…

Don’t hear the Rocky theme? Check your speakers. It’s here, baby.

(Okay, it’s not. It’s Day Four of this website thing, and there’s NO WAY I’m attempting sound yet. Just hum along with me…)