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Writing Projects of Jody Brown

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Walk of Life
For two and a half years, I interviewed a WWII veteran about her war experience and about her life. A few years ago, I received a SEMAC grant from the McKnight Foundation in Minnesota to transcribe my interviews with then-91-year-old Claire, and from that transcript I am now writing her story. Despite all that she’s seen and experienced, including her time spent at the Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp, Claire has compassion and hope for mankind. Through my recorded interviews I sought to find out why, and I think I found the answer. And it’s something that can inspire everyone regardless of heritage, race, religion, background, ability level, or financial standing. (This activity is made possible by the generosity of the McKnight Foundation through a grant from the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council.)

Mr. R. Sullivan Crosses the Road
I completed this children’s story about a snapping turtle that crosses the road and his adventures with friends along the way. The manuscript is currently in the hands of the illustrator. We’re hoping to release this book soon. 

Stories on the Road: #Merica Tour
I just completed the writing of a travel blog about my road trip through middle America, filled with 24 episodes of zany roadside stops and local history that showcase the greatness of America. By popular demand by my readers, I’m working with my editor to publish these stories.

This is probably the quirkiest thing I’ve ever written. Quirkier than the Zombie Sonnets, you ask? Truly. This is a sassy introspection into the world of online dating–when a writer is involved.

John Baker
Based on a short story I wrote, John Baker is a museum curator in Pittsburgh who stumbles upon a fabled cursed object. He can either pass the object to the next recipient and allow its curse to pass with it, or keep it and risk life and limb in the hopes of ending the curse once and for all. John Baker decides to keep it. I take up this writing in 2017.

Two ongoing projects here:
First, the Zombie Sonnets. I’m writing about zombies in iambic pentameter, in the sonnet format that Shakespeare made famous, because: No one ever said you had to write about flowers.
Second, the Maintenance Poems. These are a collection of workforce poems about the things we do to in order to maintain.

Project 365
I’m putting together a [quarterly?] compendium of my daily blog posts about pursuing your passion, life’s quirks, and the lively mind of the writer. Preview it on my homepage or directly on my blog site at FineLineBooks.wordpress.com.



7 thoughts on “Writing Projects Underway & How To Donate

  1. I cannot wait until “Walk of Life” is written. Did this lady also work at Bletchley Park? How did she end up at Bergen-Belsen? I’m following your writing closely and wondering why I didn’t get to know you better when I had the chance. Bill French

    • Bill, she did work at Bletchley Park! She trained part of the day and actually did the work she was training to do in the other half of the day. When the war ended, she was stationed in Bergen-Belsen. I’m excited to start the writing and have mapped out my 2015 with projects. Come on, January!
      Thank you for following my work. I’m honored by your comment. Life gets hectic and we’re always so busy, aren’t we? But I’ll be in town from time to time, early December to be sure.

  2. I really enjoy the titles for your posts–very.clever and imaginative. Also, I think your brain works in a very
    interesting way. You must have a rich inner life. Do many people? A cup of coffee in December?

  3. You were great tonight at our book club. Thank you!
    It was wonderful to have the author’s view on her writing, especially her characters. Totally enjoyable.
    You shared so much of your experiences and what is coming in the future.
    Again, thank you! Keep writing.

    • Thank you, Karyl!
      The stories shared around the room were hilarious and deserve writing down! You have a great group and I can see why you all keep getting together every month! Thank you for letting me in for the night. I’ll never get over the amazement of watching words on paper step back into life as the discussion gets animated.
      Thank you for such a fun and inspiring night!

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